How To Save On Paper Towels

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How To Save On Paper Towels

Most people waste a LOT of paper towels, which costs a lot of money and creates a lot of unnecessary waste. I use about 6 rolls of paper towels per year, including cleaning my bathrooms with paper towels. Here is an easy way to save money on paper towels using rags you can quickly make from old t-shirts and linens that you would have otherwise thrown in the trash anyway.

Here are the main points in this video:

0:37 Things we do not use paper towels for: wiping hands, cleaning up spills, drying a water spot on a table or counter, etc.

1:07 Today we’re going to show you how to cut a t-shirt into rags. T-shirts are great for rags because they’re disposable.

1:23 People have a notion that if you have a rag, you must wash it, but you don’t have to wash it. We wash some of our rags, but if they’re gooey or greasy, we will throw them away so the other laundry doesn’t get ruined.

2:09 I keep a load of rags in my laundry room and a load of rags in the garage.

2:22 I also keep some large bath towels in the laundry room in case the washer or dishwasher suddenly starts to leak everywhere.

2:47 Jill: I keep a small pile of rags in my bathroom.

3:26 Here is our recipe for homemade disinfecting wipes

Homemade Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

3:38 How to cut a t-shirt for rags.

5:11 How to make cloth rag ties

5:29 You can cut bigger pieces into whatever sizes you need most. Big rags are good for cleaning oil stains and other messes in the garage. Then you can throw them away. Smaller rags are good for other purposes.

6:24 They don’t have to be perfect— They’re rags, after all.

6:27 We got 10 really good sized rags for free from my son’s ripped t-shirt. We tend to have 5 t-shirts per person per year that we use to make our rags.

6:49 If you don’t have enough, ask your neighbors if they’re throwing away any t-shirts from their kids. You can also often buy bags of old t-shirts to be used as rags from thrift stores for as little as $1.

7:03 Here are a couple of the rags I keep on had so you can see what I use them for and why I keep them.

7:25 I keep one dark colored rag specifically for blood. Then if one of the kids is injured, they can’t see how bad the blood is and so they don’t get as scared.

8:00 I always keep old hand towels. They are great for mopping up the floor, cleaning up messes in the kitchen or garage, etc.

8:09 Regular wash rags – When they get to be too worn for wash cloths, I use them for rags.

8:49 Cloth diapers – These make the best rags ever. Thy are great to use to shine your faucets in the bathroom and also great for cleaning windows.

9:16 Dish towels (bar rags) – almost as good as the diapers.

9:42 Another cut up t-shirt – I keep piles of them around for cleaning and they can be thrown away if you use them for grease or super messy spills.

9:55 Then I have bigger towels. I use them for things like drying cars, mopping up big overflows from the dishwasher, washing machine and bathtub.

10:27 Sheet – My son decided to be a Charlie Brown ghost for Halloween and it won’t work as a sheet, so I cut off pieces as needed for rags. It’s very absorbent.

11:05 Flannel works great. It is also absorbent and the sleeves work great for cloth rag ties.

11:34 It’s really easy to do this and you can save a lot of money on paper towels and you won’t let old clothes and linens go to waste.

11:57 If you sew – I use a rotary cutter to quickly cut rags.

We always add up the cost. If you use 3 rolls of paper towels a week, that’s about $360 per year minimum. What else could you buy with that $360 instead?

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