2017/03/23 TAP: AM Supplements Routine

My morning routine using bulk powder supplements that are on the Cusack Protocol, plus additional supplements. Organic applesauce is my favorite base for mixing the supplements and getting them ingested.
Cusack Protocol PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_VW_QoyglqJVkhIT1JJTUpoelU/view?usp=sharing

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what is myasthenia gravis

myasthenia gravis is neuromuscular disorder caused due to autoimmune production of antibodies against our nictotinic acetylcholine receptors. make makes acetylcholine fails to reach.

men at age 20 to 30
women age 50 to 70. females are common than males.

clinical features.
skeletal muscle weakness.
-improve with rest.-rest helps to increase acth
-days goes patient becomes weak-as day run acth will be reduced because as you use you loose.
-extraocular muscles are initally affected
blurred vision
-facial weakness
difficulty in speaking.-dysarthria.
difficulty in chewing .
sensory and deep tendon reflex is not affected.
myasthenic crisis-when respiratory muscles are affected patient cant breath. emergency condition.

acetylcholine receptor antibody test(specific)
ct scan(rule out thymoma)
tensilon test.

ACHE inhibitors.
immunosuppressive drugs.
iv immunoglobulin therapy.

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Hematology ch 06 11 Platelet Disorders


Sideroblastic anemia Lecture By Dr.hemant

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Heart Attack Quiz – The Nebraska Medical Center

How much do you know about heart attacks? Do men and women experience the same symptoms? Does a high total cholesterol really equate with a higher risk for heart attack? Are there always symptoms before a heart attack?
Cardiologist Dr. Dan Anderson of The Nebraska Medical Center answers these true/false questions that could save a life.
For more information about heart health, visit The Nebraska Medical Center online at http://www.nebraskamed.com. To make an appointment, call 1-800-922-0000.


T cell lymphoma

Patient Data: seen on 14-9-1436

59 years/F/Nigerian.
Repeated blood Tf: Hb was 2.4
CBC & pbs
WBC: 8.5
Hb: 5.5
plt: 293.000
dimorphic picture.
mild left shift.
Occasional atyp L.
Coombs test +ve
direct and indirect.
LDH: 1519.
On methyl prednisolone
125 mg IV BID.
BM asp report :
It is aparticulated and hemodiluted BM asp,
no particles are seen. Megakaryocytes are
not seen (?dilutional effect).
The trails show good number of cells.
Erythropoiesis is active and normoblastic.
Granulopoiesis is active and shows normal
sequence of maturation. M :E ratio 7:1 .
Blasts are less than 1% of all nucleated
marrow cells. Many degenerated cells
are seen. No abnormal cells are seen.
Iron stain is not available.

BM bx report :
Hypercellular bone marrow biopsy.
There is focal and interstitial infiltration
by pleomorphic cells. They are of large and
intermediate size, hyperchromatic nuclei
with variable prominent nucleoli. They are
positive for CD45, CD4,
Ki67(proliferative activity) while show negative
reaction for myeloid antigens(MPO, CD34)
and B cell markers(CD19, CD20).
Reticulin fibers are increased in thickness
and density(+3)


Lupus Skin – Lupus Skin Care – Lupus Skin Care Routine – Lupus Skin Routine Products

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Lupus Skin – Lupus Skin Rash – Lupus Skin Rash Lesions Photos – Lupus Skin Images

Lupus Skin
If you have lupus, you’re likely to have skin issues at some point, but treatment can bring relief. Your doctor will likely prescribe a topical medication, such as a steroid cream or gel, to clear up the problems. Sometimes steroid shots are used. You can also help prevent skin reactions, too. The best way is to use sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, and cover up!

You can have skin lupus with or without having full-blown systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), the most common kind of lupus. Be on the lookout for some of these rashes that can be caused by skin lupus.

In some cases, your immune system may destroy hair follicles and make hair fall out for a time. New hair may sometimes grow in. A severe lupus flare can also make your hair fragile and brittle. This is most likely around the edge of your scalp.

These happen when the blood vessels in your skin become inflamed and damaged. They may show up as small spots or larger knots. They may also show up as lines or spots of red or purple bumps in the folds of your fingernails or on your fingertips.

Color Changes in Fingers and Toes
Blood vessels in your fingers and toes can tighten and slow the flow of blood there. The tips of your fingers or toes may turn red, white, or blue in cold weather or a cold room. They may also tingle, hurt, or go numb. This problem is known as Raynaud’s phenomenon. It helps to keep your toes and fingers warm by wearing mittens and thick socks.

Lupus Skin, Lupus Skin Rash, Lupus Skin Rash Lesions Photos, Lupus Skin Images

lupus skin – dermatology & skin diseases : lupus skin problems. Lupus Skin Itching: Lemon Juice Relieves Chilblains And Itchy Skin

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Dermatology & skin diseases : lupus skin problems.

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Slightly Discoid Lupus Skin Cancer stomach handle bland starch, whole feel herbicide related may consider.

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Lupus Skin Itching: Lemon Juice Relieves Chilblains And Itchy Skin.

Cleveland clinic rheumatologist howard smith md discusses different types of lupus skin rashes tips to avoid flare ups as well as treatments and medication…

The most common presentation for lupus is they start with having joint pains stiffness and swelling in the joints extreme fatigue exhaustion sun sensitivity and skin rash said dr.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that greatly affects the major organs of the body and it’s not yet understood why the skin and kidneys play such a crucial role.

Lupus is not like or related to hiv (human immune deficiency virus) or aids (acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

A tell-tale sign of lupus is a butterfly-shaped rash across the cheeks and bridge of the nose.

Diagnosing lupus is difficult because no single test can definitively diagnose it.

Find out how lupus can cause little red plaques in sun-exposed areas with help from a board-certified dermatologist in this free video on skin care and dermatology.

With good medical care most people with lupus can lead a full life..

“the cause of lupus is unclear but they have concluded that there are maybe some genetic factors involved” said dr.

A tell-tale sign of lupus is a butterfly-shaped rash across the cheeks and bridge of the nose.

There are various types of skin lupus so you must be educated when speaking to your doctor.

Lupus, the skin & hair – dr abby macbeth (east anglia lupus info day, oct 2013).

Women of color are two to three times more likely to develop lupus than caucasians..

Ranju wadhwa a rheumatologist with lee memorial health system says lupus is a lifelong disease that patients are able to live with.

Lupus is an auto immune disease where the body’s own immune system starts to attack healthy tissue.

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Sideroblastic anemia


Lena Dunham shares TOPLESS photo

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‘Really did wake up like this’: Topless Lena Dunham strategically covers up cleavage with hands in intimate Instagram photo.
She’s never shied away from baring all on her hit series Girls.

And Lena Dunham demonstrated once more on Tuesday that she really loves showing off her body. 

The 31-year-old posted an Instagram snap of herself completely topless, using just her hands to cover up her cleavage.

‘really did wake up like this,’ she captioned the snap along with the hashtags ‘#sinead #cranberries #kathyacker #my6thgradehistoryteacherlaurie.’ 

Lena wore little more than a gold nameplate necklace, black choker necklace, and earrings. 

The photo also showed off her tattoos, which were inked just below her cleavage.

It’s certainly not the first time in recent days Lena has flashed the flesh, as last week the star shared a photo of her naked body, with just pear and honey emojis to protect her modesty. 

The actress also unveiled her dramatically shorter haircut on Instagram.

In recent times Lena has been recovering from surgery in her ongoing health battle with endometriosis- a disease in which tissue found inside the uterus grows outside the reproductive organ.

She was forced to cancel her Lenny IRL tour in May after suffering ‘the greatest amount of physical pain’ from complications with her disease, despite being told after surgery in April that she was free from the illness.

She wrote in her Lenny newsletter: ‘To be perfectly honest, I’m in the greatest amount of physical pain that I have ever experienced. After being told I was endometriosis-free after my last procedure, more disease was found in deeper spots that required immediate surgery and now physical therapy.

‘This disease is wily and unrelenting, and I’m really blessed to have a community, both online and IRL, who let me express how hard that is. Inspired by you, I’m gonna say ‘Eff you’ to embarrassment and walk the walk of a woman who really takes care of herself. My goals have to be simplified for this moment: to write and to heal.’

Lena underwent her fifth operation for the female reproductive disease in April but was admitted to hospital after the Met Gala earlier this month, after suffering more complications.

Lena added: ‘I’ve always been open with you all about the challenges I’ve been dealt with my health, even when it’s scary and embarrassing, even when it makes me feel weak or less than. So I’m not going to stop now, even though part of me really wants to, cuz enough is enough. My body, which I’ve worked through all kinds of pain for many years, just doesn’t have what it takes to do this tour. Lenny is about giving 100 percent of ourselves, 100 percent of the time, and I couldn’t bear to limp through this.

‘Obviously, your tickets will be refunded in full – we’re not monsters! – and we hope to be back when my uterus has taken a chill pill. (But not my spiritual uterus. She’ll never chill. She’s incapable of chill.)’


US airmen’s killer sentenced to life, lawyer and family reax

(10 Feb 2012) SHOTLIST
1. Various of Joe and Kelsey Alden relatives of victim Senior Airman Nicholas J. Alden, speaking to prosecution lawyers
2. Joe and Kelsey Alden sitting in court
3. Various of federal prosecutor Jochen Weingarten putting on robe
4. Joe Alden, oldest brother of killed Senior Airman Nicholas J. Alden, 25, from South Carolina, and his sister Kelsey, being interviewed inside court room
5. SOUNDBITE (English) Joe Alden, oldest brother of killed Senior Airman Nicholas J. Alden, 25, from South Carolina:
“The verdict, I am happy with the verdict, justice was served. I think that the courts did a great job. We appreciate the apologies, sincere apologies. And I just want to let you know that we don’t have any ill will towards Germany whatsoever. Like I said, we love this country, I grew up here in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart, she was born here, my brother was born here as well. And I plan on coming back in the future.”
Question: What are your feelings now?
Alden: “My feelings? I am satisfied, I am at peace, you know. I feel there is like there’s a lot, a huge weight off our shoulders – a huge weight off our shoulders now. So, it still hurts, it really does, but it is going to take a lot of time, but a little bit less.”
6. Various of journalists gathering around Aldens in court room
7. SOUNDBITE (English) Jens Joerg Hoffmann, defence lawyer:
“We have prepared him (refers to Uka) for that day since the deed. And we have told him that there will be the possibility, the only possibility, of a lifelong sentence. The thing will be the court didn’t follow us with this accumulated circumstances, and therefore we will have to wait for the written form. There might be some juridical discussion about that. We’ll have to see.”
8. Hoffmann giving interview
9. Mid of empty seats (of judges) inside court room
10. SOUNDBITE (German) Jochen Weingarten, State Prosecutor:
“The accused, who is in a sound state of mind, has committed this attack in deep, firm conviction of his faith, not just as a call but more of an obligation of duty. This is the result of islamic and jihadist propaganda which the accused watched increasingly on the internet with self conviction and belief.”
11. Joe Alden, his sister Kelsey and their lawyer outside court building
12. Mid of police
13. Mid of police cars
14. Various exteriors of court
An Islamic extremist who killed two US airmen in an attack at Frankfurt airport last year was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison on Friday.
Arid Uka, 22, was also convicted of attempted murder and serious bodily harm for wounding two other servicemen and for taking aim at a third before his 9mm pistol jammed.
Uka killed Senior Airman Nicholas J. Alden, 25, from South Carolina, and Airman 1st Class Zachary R. Cuddeback, 21, from Virginia in the March 2 attack on an Air Force security team headed for Afghanistan as its members boarded a bus at the airport.
Staff Sgt. Kristoffer Schneider survived devastating injuries from a head wound. Another airman, Edgar Veguilla, was hit in the jaw and arm.
Judge Thomas Sagebiel ruled at the state court in Frankfurt that the circumstances of the killing mean Uka bears “particularly severe guilt.”
That means he won’t immediately be eligible for parole after 15 years as is usual in Germany, but must wait several more years for his behaviour and possibility for rehabilitation to be reviewed.
Life sentences without a chance for parole are not possible under German law.
In his ruling, Sagebiel cited the fact that Uka shot unarmed people – from behind in Alden’s case – and the severity of the injuries and disabilities suffered by Schneider and Veguilla.

You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/a9dcb17fbf76b1dae3fddaf15fb94ee6
Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork