Anxiety nutritionist Trudy Scott interviews JJ Virgin, author of “Miracle Mindset”

Anxiety nutritionist Trudy Scott interviews JJ Virgin, author of “Miracle Mindset”

Find the interview notes here http://www.everywomanover29.com/blog/miracles-fish-oil-cbd-forgiveness-mindset/


Ocean Nutrition and DSM: Expanding Omega-3 Portfolio

Royal DSM announces on 19 July 2012 that it has successfully completed the acquisition of Ocean Nutrition Canada, the leading global provider of fish-oil derived nutritional products to the dietary supplement and food and beverage markets. The acquisition, announced on 18 May 2012, strengthens and complements DSM’s newly established, global Nutritional Lipids growth platform. The acquisition, for a total enterprise value of CAD 540 million, is expected to be EPS accretive from 2013 onwards.

Ocean Nutrition Canada is a Canada-based supplier of fish-oil derived Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) to the dietary supplement and food and beverage markets. The company is headquartered in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) with approximately 415 employees.

Ocean Nutrition Canada is the world’s largest supplier of fish-derived Omega-3 fatty acids to the dietary supplement and food and beverage markets. Ocean Nutrition Canada’s fish derived Omega-3 products are highly complementary to DSM’s microbial DHA and ARA products as they address different customer needs and reach different market segments.

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Kyani Sunrise and Kyani FX Nutritional Supplements

Even with an active lifestyle and balanced diet, I sometimes am worried that my nutrition is lacking. I always take a high-quality multivitamin in the morning, but this week, I’ve been sampling Kyani Sunrise and FX by Kyani. Both are liquid supplements, and these were my thoughts at the end of the week. For more information, visit http://www.BlueWaterHealth.Kyani.net or https://www.taylorlife.com/kyani-nutritional-supplements/

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Our Fish Oil from a Clinical and Holistic Paleo Nutritionist

“Rosita cod liver oil is raw, unrefined and light in color and taste. It’s the only extra virgin cod liver oil in the world, processed directly from true Northern cod as the fish come out of icy winter water. No chemicals, refining, filtering, heat or fermentation.” -Beverly Meyer, Clinical and Holistic Paleo Nutritionist



Holistic Heart Health with CBD and Fish Oil: Wellness Talk

Robert Genco of the Della Terra Group discusses CBD oil products and omega 3 products and how they are beneficial supplements for supporting a healthy heart.


Do you feel swollen and inflamed? lets listen to a Holistic Nutritionist

Dr. Rogini interviews Sue Skillins (Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner).

Sue discusses the importance of fish oil on your joints and how to find a good quality fish oil…discusses dosage and duration of intake.

Sue is a true believer that “life and healing come from within and that the promotion and maintenance of health is superior to the treatment of disease”, Susan returned to school after many years in multidisciplinary holistic health care, at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, graduating with First Class Honours. Susan then specialized in live cell microscopy. Using live cell analysis with a dark field microscope allows Susan to explore the “terrain” of the blood with a single drop from a finger prick, identify the blood’s strengths and weaknesses, address any nutritional deficiencies that contribute to imbalances and promote the optimal health of each client. Live cell blood analysis is “life in its truest form”. Susan’s nutritional consulting practice offers nutritional support through diet, supplementation and guidance to promote health, healing and recovery from the inside out!


PCBs in Children’s Fish Oil Supplements

A study of 13 over-the-counter children’s fish oil supplements found that all were contaminated with PCB pollutants.

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It’s bad enough when supplement manufacturers exploit adults when they’re sick and vulnerable with pills that are often useless or worse, but taking advantage of our parental drive to do what’s best for our children with contaminated products that may make them sick, makes me sick.

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Have a question for Dr. Greger about this video? Leave it in the comment section at http://nutritionfacts.org/video/pcbs-in-childrens-fish-oil-supplements/ and he’ll try to answer it!

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Magic remedy for arthritis and spondylitis in Tamil

Author: Dr. Chivukula Sekar, M.Sc; M.Phil (Biochemistry); Ph. D (Microbiology).

In this video, I have given a simple but yet very effective remedy for arthritis and spondylitis using natural complementary supplements – Fish oil and Glucosamine.

This is very safe and not a prescription medicine. Check with your local pharmacies for the brands that are available in your area.

Please note that I am not promoting any brands and just sharing the effective treatment that benefited me immensely.
Please check with your doctor or medical practitioner for further information and suitability for your condition.

Please share and also post your comments.


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Treat Acne Naturally

Hey wonderful humans! This is how I treat my acne using all natural products! Let me know if you found this video helpful. Products mentioned: Aztec Secret …