Anxiety nutritionist Trudy Scott interviews JJ Virgin, author of “Miracle Mindset”

Anxiety nutritionist Trudy Scott interviews JJ Virgin, author of “Miracle Mindset”

Find the interview notes here http://www.everywomanover29.com/blog/miracles-fish-oil-cbd-forgiveness-mindset/


Living with Depression and Negativity

https://www.kat-green.com/blog We’ve all felt some version of depression. And, it’s okay, it’s part of life to have ups and downs. It’s part of life to have passion and …


Self-Realization, Dealing with Stress, Comfort Food is not the Solution

I think it’s time to reveal a little more insight in myself. Just vlogging and processing my thoughts and self actualization.

If you’re not moving, what’s holding you back?


Complementary therapies and cancer treatment | CLIC Sargent

Charlotte, 27, talks about the complementary therapies she tried during and after cancer treatment.

This video is part of UK cancer charity CLIC Sargent’s Looking after yourself information, available at: www.clicsargent.org.uk/LookingAfterYourself

Looking after yourself is all about young people and how cancer and treatment can shake up their lives. It contains practical advice about the specific issues that young people face, and how cancer can impact their body, hair, appearance, health, well-being and confidence.

Videos made by young people CLIC Sargent supports give insight, personal experiences and tips on how to deal with hair loss, diet, exercise, low self-esteem and taking back control. Go to www.clicsargent.org.uk/LookingAfterYourself

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About CLIC Sargent

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Preventing Childhood Anxiety And Depression (RTI) – GoStrengths!

Depression Prevention- http://www.gostrengths.com Nelly is a frequent worrier and shows symptoms of anxiety. Although she is at risk for depression, her symptoms may go unnoticed by her teachers and parents, and there is no access to screening or psychologists at her school. Because of this, it is much more effective to work to prevent depression in Nelly and all kids, rather than reacting only when depression already exists. Learn more about depression prevention at http://www.gostrengths.com.


Physiology Hacks to BEAT DEPRESSION naturally & FEEL GOOD AGAIN


The Hidden Gifts of Trauma

How I turned my life around after a full blown anxiety attack on my bathroom floor.

See more at disadalberg.com


Suddenly something deep down in my soul
Softly whispered
Cry darling. It was not your fault
Trust me. You are safe now
Years of rage. Self-blame. Hiding
Caged by painful. Repressed emotions
Desperately wishing it hadn´t happened to me
Hoping my trauma wasn´t real
Emotionally exhausted. From running away
I must find the courage. To face my darkness
Rip your heart open. My love
Break the silence. Allow the light to enter
Gently wipe the tears from your face
For you can now. Freely
Find joy again

Disa Dalberg

Find more poems and inspiration at my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/disadalberg/?hl=en


How Much Is Depression A Symptom Of Inflammation?

Most of us accept that depression is a mental health condition with a clinical basis due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. However, recent evidence challenges that mentality to a certain extent. Listen to this podcast for more information. Read this as a blog post: http://blog.granitefitness.com.au/how-much-is-depression-a-symptom-of-inflammation/

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My Confession… This was tough to post – Sarah Knuppel (Mindful Nutrition Course)

Hardest video I’ve ever made… If it can help one person then it is worth it.


Julia’s Story – Overcoming Abuse – Sarah Knuppel (Mindful Nutrition Course)

Julia’s story of overcoming various forms of abuse.. Amazing, inspiring effort from this beautiful person. So proud to have been able to help this incredible lady.