Sports Nutrition course by Kinita kadakia Patel

Sports nutrition course available in both classroom and online modules only at Exercise Science Academy


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Accredited Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor Online Course for £59 92% Off

http://mybigfatdiscounts.com/shop/online-courses/accredited-sports-and-exercise-nutritional-advisor-online-course-for-59-92-off/ This CPD-accredited course is endorsed by CYQ and is designed for anyone looking to begin or further their career as an accredited advisor in the field of sports science. It unfolds over the course of nine modules, across 31 units, each with its own automatically graded online quiz, which must be completed with a score of more than 80% before moving on. Feedback on the answers is provided once the module has been passed. Completion of the final theory exam, which also has a pass rate of 80%, is required before the qualification can be obtained. There is no time limit on the course itself, or in any of the tests, but as a rough guide students should expect it to take around 90 hours. Graduates of this course are also eligible for discounted professional membership and pre-approved insurance to practice.


5 Tips to Choosing the Right Carbs

This bonus video is based on the lessons covered in Week 2 of Shaw Academy Sports Nutrition course. In this video, we discuss 5 tips to choose the right carbs for your body.
This video will explain the anatomy of a grain as there are two types of grains – Wholegrains and Refined Grains. Whole grains contain high fibre and refined grain contains low fibre. Watch this video and learn more about Good Carbs!

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