Anxiety nutritionist Trudy Scott interviews JJ Virgin, author of “Miracle Mindset”

Anxiety nutritionist Trudy Scott interviews JJ Virgin, author of “Miracle Mindset”

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Food for Thought: Nutrition and Brain Health

There are so many reasons to examine the link between nutrition and brain health. As a brief response to a recent question about my interest in nutrition, here are three lesser-known reasons we should care about the gut-brain axis.
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Proven Outcomes from Southern California – Brain Injury, Addiction, Depression

http://www.amenclinics.com At the Amen Clinics, the statistics are impressive, but it’s the individual stories that are really inspiring. Just talk to Douglas Star. Doug spent decades seeking treatment for depression and bipolar symptoms. Then when he came to the Amen Clinics, his SPECT scan yielded some surprising information about his symptoms.

Breaking the Cycle for Good: Finding Freedom from Manic Cycles and Alcoholism.

Doug was in his 50s when he saw a PBS special about Dr. Amen’s work. Doug had personal interest in the matter because of his own struggle with bipolar symptoms.

“My Mom tried to diagnose me when I was young,” Doug explained. They did seek professional help. But for Doug, that led to a decades-long roller coaster of taking medications and then ceasing them. “Once I felt better, I’d stop,” he said. That inevitably led to a crash. A talented musician, whenever Doug went into a low, he quit composing, had suicidal thoughts, and self-medicated with drugs and alcohol.

It was during a manic high that Doug decided to try to find an Amen Clinic. He didn’t want to crash again and was tired of self-medicating with alcohol. He immediately lined up a Full Evaluation.

Brain SPECT Scan Research and Treatment Innovation Yield Real Improvement for “Treatment Resistant” depression and bipolar symptoms

75 million Americans have or will experience depression or anxiety at some point in their lives. The causes are wide-ranging, from chemical imbalance to brain injury to traumatic events. Only very personalized diagnosis and care can yield life-altering results.

Dr. Amen’s leading-edge brain research has found there are actually 7 types of Anxiety and Depression, but frequently-prescribed SSRI medications are ideal only for one type. For many depression cases, SSRIs can make symptoms worse. At the Amen Clinics we have pioneered innovative mood disorder treatments that are highly successful. In fact, the Amen Clinics’ outcome scores are higher than any other psychiatric clinic in the U.S.

At Amen Clinics you will discover the innovative brain health approach that yields an impressive 85% improvement in Quality of Life scores*.

There is hope! Call us today. 1 888 564 2700 or learn more at http://www.amenclinics.com

*Multi-Site Six Month Outcome Study of Complex Psychiatric Patients Evaluated
with Addition of Brain SPECT Imaging; Daniel G. Amen MD, Melissa Jourdain,
MS, Derek V. Taylor, Edmund Pigott, PhD and Kirsten Willeumier, PhD, 2012.


Training Day 11- Recap of Training and the Healing Power of Acupuncture!

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Corey talks about how some of the training has been catching up to him physically and how he has had to adjust his schedule a bit to recover. Also he speaks about some of the lessons he learned during his last Open Water Swim which he was carrying into training later that day.
Speaking of recovery, Corey discusses one of his favorite recovery methods of Acupuncture and how he has not just received benefits from Acupuncture for sport or training but also how it has assisted in his recovery from PTSD


Stroke Patient: Foot therapy with Quadriciser returns flexibility

This patient used the Quadriciser for a single use. This video shows footage before and after the Quadriciser therapy. After using the Quadriciser, the patients ankle and foot are more flexible and able to receive active physical therapy.


Having a Brain Injury Means . . . Depression (March 4, 2017)

This is my mini-series I created in honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month 2017. I made a video for each day of Brain Injury Awareness Month discussing a …


Having a Brain Injury Means . . . Anxiety (March 3, 2017)

This is my mini-series I created in honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month 2017. I made a video for each day of Brain Injury Awareness Month discussing a different Brain Injury Symptom.

One video was posted every day to Facebook and Instagram. 31 videos & 31 days.

My goals with this series was to 1. Raise awareness for Brain Injury 2. Provide an explanation of symptoms that survivors could share with their friends and family to better explain what the go through as a survivor on a daily basis & 3. To start a conversation about each of these symptoms in the Brain Injury community to discuss our experiences and share solutions to the symptoms we face on a daily basis.

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Why Is Depression the Number One Symptom After a Brain Injury?

Some 20-60% of people with a TBI experience depression soon after the injury or even years later. Learn why it’s so prevalent.


Floating For Veterans – Alternative Therapy for PTSD, TBIs & Concussions

Military veterans, a police officer and an ER physician discuss use of floatation therapy as an adjunctive therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries and concussion.


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