Trauma & Triggers: Anxiety, Stress, + Eating Disorder Help | #LivAndLearnARMY

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ASMR Anxiety and Panic relief personal attention, facial stroking, guided breathing, brush

Hey everyone, I was requested to make a video like this, so I thought I would give it a go. Let me know if there were certain aspects of the video that you found .


ASMR whisper I have depression and anxiety, and its okay if you have it, too

Hey guys, I just wanted to share my truth with you, and its that I am struggling and having a hard time. Did you have an anxiety attack yesterday? So did I. Do you …


Recovery from PTSD with Rapid Resolution Treatment

Patient testimonial from a man that recovered from PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, and anger issues after treatment with Rapid Resolution Therapy. Dr. Quintal & Associates are professional counselors based in Sarasota, FL that successfully treat depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD and other mental health conditions with both traditional therapy and Rapid Resolution Treatment. For more information, please visit http://www.drquintal.com


This is how you OVERCOME anxiety – BEST free therapy tool

This is probably the best free therapy tool you can get access to and it truly helps if you use it as discussed in my video. Originally written by Carol Vivyan and sheets are accessible at: https://www.get.gg/about.htm

By noticing the cycle of events that lead from a “situation” or a “trigger” to the behaviours and actions you take fuelled by anxiety, anger, depression, disordered eating, thinking etc, you can work your way back. It is called your VICIOUS CYCLE of thinking or your vicious cycle of anxiety, depression, binge eating, panic etc.

The cycle for those wanting to draw their own or copy from the video is:

Situation (who, what, when, where were you when you felt triggered?)

Thoughts (what went through your head? What does that mean about you? The world? List all negative thoughts that occurred here no matter how depressing they may be)

Emotions (how did you feel in that moment – rate that feeling from 0-100%)

Body Sensations – (what happened in body – particularly pertinent if you are having a panic attack and have symptoms that you often mistake for a physical “illness” that are actually anxiety)

Behaviours (what did you do? What did you avoid?)

Lastly – consider what you could do next time or HOW you can do something differently now that you KNOW your cycle.

Thanks for watching!

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just some stress cube sounds | ASMR

A super special video with just the fidget / stress cube for ASMR
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4794562

This ASMR video includes:
– fidget cube sounds
– controller sounds asmr
– personal attention asmr
– stress relief
– tapping triggers
– hand sounds asmr
– raffytaffyasmr inspired


ASMR Treating Your Cold Symptoms | ROLEPLAY ♡

ASMR Treating Your Cold Symptoms ROLEPLAY So you have caught a cold??? Bummer! Let me be there for you while you while your sick. In this video I’m …


Migraine Headaches Symptoms, Causes and Triggers

Migraine Headaches Symptoms, Causes and Triggers

Migraine Symptoms

Migraines often begin in childhood, adolescence or early adulthood. Migraines may progress through four stages:
*Headache and

You may not experience all stages.

Prodrome Stage Symptoms- One or two days before a migraine, you may notice subtle changes that warn of an upcoming migraine, including:

*Mood changes, from depression to euphoria.
*Food cravings.
*Neck stiffness.
*Increased thirst and urination.
*Frequent yawning.

Aura Stage Symptoms- Aura may occur before or during migraines. Most people experience migraines without aura. Examples of migraine aura include:

*Visual phenomena
*Vision loss
*Pins and needles sensations in an arm or leg
*Weakness or numbness in the face or one side of the body
*Difficulty speaking
*Hearing noises or music
*Uncontrollable jerking or other movements

Attack Stage Symptoms. A migraine usually lasts from four to 72 hours if untreated. The frequency with which headaches occur varies from person to person. Migraines may be rare, or strike several times a month. During a migraine, you may experience:

*Pain on one side or both sides of your head.
*Pain that feels throbbing or pulsing.
*Sensitivity to light, sounds, and sometimes smells and touch.
*Nausea and vomiting.
*Blurred vision.
*Lightheadedness,sometimes followed by fainting

Post-drome Stage Symptoms. The final phase, known as post-drome, occurs after a migraine attack. For about 24 hours, you may also experience:

*Sensitivity to light and sound.

Migraine Causes

Though migraine causes aren’t understood, genetics and environmental factors appear to play a role.

Migraines may be caused by changes in the brainstem and its interactions with the trigeminal nerve, a major pain pathway.

Imbalances in brain chemicals — including serotonin, which helps regulate pain in your nervous system — also may be involved. Researchers are still studying the role of serotonin in migraines.

Serotonin levels drop during migraine attacks. This may cause your trigeminal nerve to release substances called neuropeptides, which travel to your brain’s outer covering (meninges). The result is migraine pain.

Migraine triggers.

*Hormonal changes in women.

*Foods- Aged cheeses, salty foods and processed foods may trigger migraines.

*Food additives.



*Sensory stimuli.

*Changes in wake-sleep pattern.

*Intense physical exertion.

*Changes in the environment.


ASMR good sounds with stress cube

Exploring the great sounds the Stress Cube makes. Get yours at www.stresscube.com

**This is a sponsored video**

A big thank you to Stress Cube for sponsoring this video. As content creators, we receive many requests to feature different products in videos. Finally, I have found a product I can be proud of showing to my awesome community.

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Living with Health Anxiety – Anxiety Symptoms And Happy News