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This pt was admitted as ‘ REACTIVE ARTHRITIS ‘ , but we were not convinced. We discussed, took pt to sideroom & carried out some tests. To our surprise, pt was found to be just 2nd diagnosed case in d world of a rarest syndrome called …. ‘ BHEJA FRY ‘ after Vinay Pathak. So enjoy this dinner game. Dont miss final dance sequence, that was our confirmatory test !!!!

Glorious hope for Lee Hsien Loong and Kim Jong iL: Lord Jesus cures Metastatic Cancer.

Both Lee Hsien Loong from Singapore and Kim Jong iL from North Korea are intellectuals with very very high I.Q.
Their metastatic cancers, now under fragile remission, are only Illusory headaches that can be cured with the pumping of “mysterious chi” into their golden posteriors. There is no barnful of Reverse Psychology within reverse psychology at work here …………….

Mahshabah ke-ma’aseh: “Thought is like Act (YHWH takes the will for the deed)”

Gene amplification : a cellular process characterized by the production of multiple copies of a particular gene or genes to amplify the phenotype that the gene confers on the cell. Drug resistance in cancer cells is linked to gene amplification that prevents absorption of the chemo-ther-apeutic agent by the cancerous cell.

Adult stem cells treatment of metastasis cancer is not a conclusive remediation when shamanism persists…………..
with Qiu Chang Chun lineage.

The almost universal genetic codon dictionary has a “Degenerate Code” where similar codons produce the same type of amino acids.

Every human being is supposed to have a proteomics set of 20 standard amino acids, not 64 or any other number ! If the codon machinery in all of your cells starts to produce another new fangled set of 44 or more additional amino acids without any stop signals, you are DOOMED !

Scientifically validated Rs 5 anti-diabetes herbal medicine launched by CSIR – AIMIL

BGR-34 is a novel, natural DPP-4 inhibitor and unlike other modern DPP-4 inhibitors, it regulates blood glucose level and also exerts cardio-protective action. BGR-34 modulates insulin release & strengthens β-cell functional capacity. It also exerts powerful anti-oxidant action which prevents the development of diabetic complications.

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Gigi Reyes hospitalized due to anxiety attack

Lawyer Gigi Reyes, one of the accused in the multibillion-peso pork barrel scam, was rushed to a hospital in Taguig after suffering an anxiety attack while detained at Camp Bagong Diwa.

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Did You Know That Hypothyroidism Can Lead to Depression? – Hypothyroidism is a deficiency of thyroid hormone and is one of most common thyroid problems in the Western countries. Estimated 4 percent of the adult American population has an underactive thyroid function which is primarily caused by autoimmune thyroid condition called Hashimotos disease. Women are affected six times more frequently than men.
In addition to autoimmune Hashimotos disease, there are numerous other causes of thyroid dysfunction that can result in hypothyroid symptoms despite of the normal lab test results. Unfortunately, the following 7 causes of hypothyroidism cannot be identified using conventional blood tests and most likely will be missed by your conventional doctor:

1 Autoimmune Hashimoto’s disease is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in industrialized countries, however most conventional doctors do not check for it.
2 Hypothalamus dysfunction that is difficult to establish and could not be seen on the thyroid tests.
3 Pituitary dysfunction that means the pituitary gland cannot send a message to the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormone when it needed.
4 Thyroid gland dysfunction when the gland itself does not work properly and could not produce enough thyroid hormone to meet body’s needs.
5 Elevated Thyroid-binding globulin (TBG) due to hormonal imbalances caused by birth control pills, menopause or hormone replacement therapy with estrogen. TGB binds thyroid hormone and prevents it from the entering the cell and/or conversion into the active T3 form. The person will have hypothyroid symptoms despite normal lab test results.
6 Over- or under-conversion of T4 into the metabolically active T3 hormone in the liver and intestine that could cause thyroid symptoms.
7 Thyroid cellular receptor dysfunction due to high cortisol, vitamin A deficiency, over-conversion to T3 and other reasons preventing the thyroid hormone from entering into the cell and perform its metabolic action.

5 Essentials Of Effective Hypothyroidism Treatment Plan

1 The proper thyroid testing and diagnosis are the key to establish your effective hypothyroidism treatment plan.
2 Your diet has a big influence on your thyroid function. There are certain foods that support or suppress the production of thyroid hormones, immune system and sabotage your weight loss efforts.Most hypothyroid patients have food allergies, malabsorption and nutritional deficiencies such as low vitamin D, selenium, B12 and other vitamins of group B, iron and magnesium.
3 If you have thyroid imbalance, you are most likely to have other hormonal problems, blood sugar dysregulation and being under stress that work against your thyroid. Without addressing these issues you risk never stabilize your thyroid function.
4 Your gut and liver function play the key role in conversions of inactive T4 into the active T3 thyroid hormone. If you have digestive issues and/or sluggish liver your body cannot convert thyroid hormones effectively and you can continue to have hypothyroid symptoms does not matter how much thyroid medication you take.
5 Consider environmental toxins as a contributing factor to your thyroid dysfunction. We all are exposed to chemicals and toxins, however those who have effective detoxification process enjoy a better health. Minimizing exposure and supporting detoxification pathways can help to support your thyroid gland.

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Art festival benefits CIDP foundation

Art festival benefits CIDP foundation

Kat’s 4 Dogs – engaging the dogs nose

Harper is extremely reactive at the sight of another dog. He gets over excited which created anxiety and what appears to be aggressive behaviour.
He is very visual and very rarely used his nose, so we are forcing the issue, as you will see.

Raynaud’s Phenomenon

This is what happens to me on a daily basis…

Separation of amino acids

Natural Cold & Headache (or Migraine) Remedies

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I’ve been suffering from a pretty nasty head cold, so that’s what’s at the forefront of my mind. It started with an intense headache, and I put it out to my facebook friends: Anyone have any good no-drug remedies for a nasty tension headache? Here’s what they had to say!
I’ve also been taking Cold FX, which many people absolutely swear by. It’s really effective as a prevention tool, but can also reduce symptoms when you’ve got a full blown cold or flu. You do have to take a fair bit of it (more than I find realistic), but it can be extremely effective.
I didn’t mention, but would suggest that you check out P’Lovers: The Environmental Store. They’ve suggested a remedy that I have yet to check out, but they’re an all around great resource for sustainable products. Start here: and go from there!
Here’s the link for an herbal approach:

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