Islam and Eating Disorders Ramadan Fasting: Binging Purging Laxatives

Islam and Eating Disorders Ramadan Fasting

Please watch this one minute video on dangers of binging purging using laxatives after a long day of Fast. Please join our campaign Responsible Fasting This Ramadan.

Debate on Ramadan and Eating Disorders

There is an intense debate surrounding Ramadan and eating disorders in our society. The first time I encountered this debate was when I was attending an outpatient unit for my eating disorder in England. I remember how polite the treatment team tried to be regarding Ramadan, but they were also horrified at a mere thought of me going 30 days with limited anorexic intake of food and drinks. When I was refereed to Day unit, my colleagues were also bit perplexed and intrigued by this period of fasting. Some of them found it fascinating and were astounded by the will power of Muslims to fast for such a long period of time. However, many viewed the month as an incentive to lose weight. It was uncomfortable, and at times I felt Ramadan was being scrutinized and criticised under the fraternity of Eating Disorder society. Special issues that have risen this Ramadan are whether individuals with eating disorder should par take in this holy month or not.
At present Questions surrounding Ramadan are:

Doesn’t Ramadan make your eating disorder worse?
Isn’t Ramadan an excuse for people with anorexia and bulimia to go on aesthetic diets?
Some comments that I’ve received on Ramadan:
Ramadan is a blessing for anorexics, now they can lose more weight.
Ramadan must be hard for bulimics, imagine restricting all day and then binging and purging remainder of the evening.
Another comment I often receive is that Ramadan promotes eating disorder and should not be practiced at all.
However, when it comes to overeaters, binge eaters, Ramadan is indeed seen as a blessing in disguise, and these people are often encouraged by Medical staff to observe this month for its numerous holistic and health benefits.

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