5 Tips to Improve Your Eating Habits

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Having good eating habits does not just mean eating a balanced diet. The important thing is that you are aware that through good nutrition practices, all the organs of our body work efficiently, we have more energy throughout the day; Physically we look better, we can prevent and avoid countless diseases.

In addition to including foods from the 4 groups: cereals and tubers, fruits and vegetables, animal products, fats, and sugars, it is very important to record in our minds other good habits that will provide us with various benefits, such as:

1. Chew slowly.

It is very common that by eating quickly, we chew badly. This prevents us from enjoying the taste of food and, what is worse, generates a series of problems in the digestive system.
A good chewing prevents our stomach and intestine from working overtime and having a feeling of heaviness, as well as heartburn and constipation; Helps us soothe the nervous system and increase the amount of oxygen in the body, which reduces anxiety during the meal.
2. Drink water, but not during meals.

Doctors recommend at least drinking water for half an hour to an hour before eating and after eating. Never during food intake. If we are very thirsty, we should take only what is indispensable to remove it and, of course, do not drink gaseous sodas during the meal.
It is also not good to drink ice water; It cools the stomach, retards the natural action of gastric juices and affects the digestive system. In case of great thirst, it is advisable to freshen the mouth first and after 20 minutes, to ingest food.

3. Limit the consumption of sugars, fats, and alcohol to 10% of the ingested in a day.

A good eating habit is to consume more low-fat meats (chicken, fish), cook with less oil (such as vegetable), limit desserts such as chocolates, ice cream, or cakes.

4. 5 a day … 3 fruit and 2 vegetables.

Do not forget this formula: its consumption is related to the decrease of risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer, in addition, improves the blood pressure.
5. Consume protein in moderate amounts (20%).

Limit meat rations to 150 to 200 grams (the size of 2 decks of cards) It is best not to take the stew as the main course of the meal, but as part of it, and Try to eat legumes along with cereals as a main course (chilled, beans with wheat germ), combinations almost as high in protein as meat, but low in fat.
If to this you add, the reduction of processed foods and you form as a habit to read the labels and the nutritional information of each product that you acquire, you will improve the choice of your foods and in consequence, you will look and feel better. It’s all about deciding and being honest. Your health is worth it!

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For more information on 5 Tips to Improve Your Eating Habits, CLICK HERE:

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