After Seizure Neuropathy development causing opposite side of body seizures

After having a seizure I felt like my hands were super tingly, almost asleep, I thought it was no big deal, maybe I laid on them wrong. 15 minutes later, it didn’t dissipate. I then realized that my ring finger on my left hand was moving rapidly on its own (20 minutes before this video was recorded) when I would open my hand; then my right side of my body would start to twitch, jerk, my eyes would roll back, etc. It then started happening on the other hand as well but with my ring finger and pinky, but with my left side of my body moving. I experimented SEVERAL times with looking at my hand, to not looking at my hand to relaxing for a while at a time, to back to back opening , anything I could think of to gather information. As time passed I experienced further effects of neuropathy (my mom has it) and went to the hospital and now have a referral for a follow up to go get meds for it.

EDIT: I’ve been trying to post this video for weeks. Since this video was taken (and the above description was made) I now have neuropathy issues in my hands, feet, and knee. It only gives me issues when I start to have seizure activity. Even having auras and partial seizures leading into my seizures , my neuropathy starts. I still haven’t made it to a follow up doctor for medication for it. I’m currently trying to get to a neurologist for other reasons as well.

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