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Chequered Flag Protein fact Sheet

What is WHEY PROTEIN? How is it made?
Whey protein: Removed from milk during the cheese-making process, whey protein is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids, which are essential for muscle repair.

Whey Protein & Youth Athletes
Research shows that physically active adolescents require more protein compared with sedentary kids of the same age.
These kids need more protein due to the greater number of calories burned, and muscle proteins are broken down during training, sports or play. “I always advise eating whole foods where possible” However, in certain High intensity demanding sports, i.e., Motocross you will need to re-fuel between races quickly and eating whole foods could cause you to feel lethargic due to the blood going to the digestive system to breakdown that heavy meal of chicken and rice.
* See the race guide below.
This is where supplementing with a Chequered flag Protein shake comes in.
The shake will refuel your body with all the essential amino acids that your body needs to repair and keep your energy level high.
When building your shake keep balance in mind. A typical healthy meal will contain protein, carbohydrates, and fats as well as enough calories to keep you full for several hours.

So you will need to try and maintain this balance or macronutrients for optimal performance.

Macronutrients examples
Protein = Chequered Flag
Fats = Walnuts, Almonds, Avocado,
Carbohydrates= Bananas, Oat’s, Apples, Pears,
Antioxidants= Goji Berries, Blueberries,
Nitrate foods= Beetroot – Spinach, Celery


Protein Concentrate & Isolate
Whey concentrate and isolates go through a process to remove most of the carbs, fat, and lactose from “regular unprocessed whey” from whole milk. This process is called “ion exchange” or “filtering.” Both result in an almost pure protein. A “concentrate” is 80% protein and an “isolate” is 90% protein.

Creatine Monohydrate is a supplement designed for all athletes who want to increase strength, power, and endurance

L-Glutamine is a semi essential amino acid for preventing muscle *catabolism (*Your body using muscle as fuel) and increasing energy.

HMB is an active metabolite of leucine that reduces muscle protein breakdown. It appears to have an anti-catabolic role for muscle, but fails to be more effective than its parent amino acid for inducing muscle protein synthesis

Important Information
How much do you need? The Adult body needs approximately 2g per 1kg of bodyweight per day (80kg guy = 160g)
Youth Athletes under 14 years of age need approximately 1g per kg of bodyweight

Making the right choices,
I always advise using whole foods where possible refer to the SGUT-MX food guide for optimal high glycemic food choices.

*Race Day Guide example
Breakfast = Porridge/ Almond milk / Blueberries/Honey/Almond flakes / Greek yogurt / Cinnamon
Post Practice = Rehydrate & Light snack
Post Race 1 = Rehydrate & Banana immediately – 20 Minutes later a have Chequered flag shake & Rice Cakes/ Peanut butter/banana
Post Race 2 = Rehydrate & Banana immediately – 20 Minutes later have a Chequered flag shake Blend with Oats/walnuts/Berries/Honey
Post Race 3 = Water & Banana Main meal – High Carb & Protein

I advise no more than two shakes per day
Picture of Tub Cost £29.99

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