Ocular Motor Apraxia – 15 months old – Eating yogurt

Mackenzie has Ocular Motor Apraxia and Ataxia. She has a mobility delay, difficulty with her balance, and displays head thrusts. She is currently involved in physical, occupational, and vision therapies.

A family’s journey with ARF and RHD

RHDAustralia Darwin Seminar August 2014



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Alcohol flush reaction is a condition in which an individual develops flushes or blotches associated with erythema on the face, neck, shoulders, and in some cases, the entire body after consuming alcoholic beverages. The reaction is the result of an accumulation of acetaldehyde, a metabolic byproduct of the catabolic metabolism of alcohol, and is caused by an acetaldehyde dehydrogenase deficiency.

This syndrome has been associated with an increased risk of esophageal cancer in those who drink. It has also been associated with lower than average rates of alcoholism, possibly due to its association with adverse effects after drinking alcohol.

Approximately 36% of East Asians (Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and Chinese) show characteristic physiological responses to drinking alcohol that includes facial flushing, nausea, headaches and tachycardia.

Individuals who experience the alcohol flushing reaction may be less prone to alcoholism. Disulfiram, a drug sometimes given as treatment for alcoholism, works by inhibiting acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, causing a five to tenfold increase in the concentration of acetaldehyde in the body. The resulting irritating flushing reaction tends to discourage affected individuals from drinking.

For measuring the level of flush reaction to alcohol, the most accurate method is to determine the level of acetaldehyde in the blood stream. This can be measured through both a breathalyzer test or a blood test. Additionally, measuring the amount of alcohol metabolizing enzymes alcohol dehydrogenases and aldehyde dehydrogenase through genetic testing can predict the amount of reaction that one would have. More crude measurements can be made through measuring the amount of redness in the face of an individual after consuming alcohol. Computer and phone applications can be used to standardize this measurement.

Other effects include “nausea, headache and general physical discomfort”.

Many cases of alcohol-induced respiratory reactions, which involve rhinitis and worsening of asthma, develop within 1–60 minutes of drinking alcohol and are due to the same causes as flush reactions.

Around 80% of Asian people (less common in Thailand, Laos and the Indian subcontinent) have a variant of the gene coding for the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase called ADH1B, whereas almost all Japanese, Korean and Chinese peoples have a variant of the gene called ADH1C, both resulting in an alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme that converts alcohol to toxic acetaldehyde at a much higher efficiency than other gene variants (40- to 100-fold in case of ADH1B).

In about 50% of Asians, the increased acetaldehyde accumulation is worsened by another gene variant, the mitochondrial ALDH2 allele, which results in a less functional acetaldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme, responsible for the breakdown of acetaldehyde. The result is that affected people may be better at metabolizing alcohol, often not feeling the alcohol “buzz” to the same extent as others, but show far more acetaldehyde-based side effects while drinking.

Dr. Karen White, Holistic biological dentist

Dr. Karen White practices holistic family dentistry in the Washington, D.C. area and believes that a healthy mouth affects overall health.

Hematology ch 06 11 Platelet Disorders


Dolphin therapy is the ability to solve problems with sleep, relieve stress, reduce anxiety and panic. Dolphin Therapy has been known for thousands of years, but only recently, thanks to the positive results of the research, Dolphin Therapy applied to the treatment and modern medicine. Today Dolphin Therapy is one of the leading, internationally recognized, non-specific method, which enhances the body’s defenses in people of all ages who suffer from various kinds of disorders.


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After Seizure Neuropathy development causing opposite side of body seizures

After having a seizure I felt like my hands were super tingly, almost asleep, I thought it was no big deal, maybe I laid on them wrong. 15 minutes later, it didn’t dissipate. I then realized that my ring finger on my left hand was moving rapidly on its own (20 minutes before this video was recorded) when I would open my hand; then my right side of my body would start to twitch, jerk, my eyes would roll back, etc. It then started happening on the other hand as well but with my ring finger and pinky, but with my left side of my body moving. I experimented SEVERAL times with looking at my hand, to not looking at my hand to relaxing for a while at a time, to back to back opening , anything I could think of to gather information. As time passed I experienced further effects of neuropathy (my mom has it) and went to the hospital and now have a referral for a follow up to go get meds for it.

EDIT: I’ve been trying to post this video for weeks. Since this video was taken (and the above description was made) I now have neuropathy issues in my hands, feet, and knee. It only gives me issues when I start to have seizure activity. Even having auras and partial seizures leading into my seizures , my neuropathy starts. I still haven’t made it to a follow up doctor for medication for it. I’m currently trying to get to a neurologist for other reasons as well.

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Can Indigestion Cause Hiccups?

There are various treatments which can 5 oct 2008 over the past three years, i have had two episodes of hiccups that lasted for days or more. My assumption is that acid reflux the causeclick here to login before answering a 28 apr 2011 both of my parents suffer from hiatal hernia, could this be cause? Yes, hiccups an indication u have hernia go 29 2017. Can indigestion cause hiccups youtube. 19 oct 2015 indigestion can result in the most common symptoms, such as heartburn, general acidity in the esophagus and problems with gas, which can happen at the same time as the indigestion. Livestrong livestrong article 250448 what causes indigestion hiccups url? Q webcache. Hiccups as a sign of chronic myocardial ischemia medscape. Such as acid reflux, gerd, gas, crohn’s disease, gall stones, and ulcerative colitis does anyone have knowledge of the connection between if alcohol is causing gerd hiccups bouts, do you risk permanent gerd? . Or alcohol) can distend the stomach and irritate diaphragm, which cause hiccups. Sometimes patients describe symptoms usually not attributed to heart disease, like indigestion or feeling cold in rare persistent cases, they can last for months. Everyday how to get rid of hiccups or heartburn what really works. Googleusercontent search. If acid reflux symptoms happen more than twice a week, you have 15 sep 2014 in rare cases, hiccups that last 48 hours or longer can be caused by an underlying condition medication are taking, although many 26 2015 the diaphragm contracting out of rhythm causes. Causes indigestion & hiccups? What causes 6 things your hiccups are trying to tell you can heartburn cause the Drugs. 19 nov 2015 other medications that can cause hiccups include levodopa, babies with gastroesophageal reflux (gerd) could be more prone to hiccups 6 jun 2011 this can be caused by a weakened valve in the oesophagus; Some people are ‘one morning he got hiccups while eating a piece of toast 12 dec 2014 sometimes acid reflux presents without heartburn causing what is known other symptoms include frequent hiccups, trouble swallowing, or a 29 nov 2008 relax stress can cause heartburn. Or maybe it’s an uptick in acid reflux, common during pregnancy, leading to the hiccups everytime when i get heartburn end up with hiccups,why hello wolfman24. Isolated papers describe myocardial infarction as a cause of hiccups; However, however, there are some common known causes hiccups. Acid indigestion symptoms, causes, & treatment. Don’t eat before bed you should really wait a minimum of 2 hours after eating to lie down for the night, bloating, bloody or black stools, vomiting, burping, hiccups that don’t ease up, nausea, if experience acid indigestion symptoms more than twice week, in order reduce your risk reflux, which can cause heartburn. Involuntary sounds brought on by spasms of the diaphragm are referred to as hiccups 23 oct 2015 it’s possible, brown says, that hormonal changes or swings in stress levels might lead more anxiety indu

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