NCH Make the Call Dance — teaching women the signs and symptoms of heart attacks

Northwest Community Hospital and Lincoln Middle School Poms Squad promote women’s heart health with a unique song and dance. The official Make the Call Dance spreads the message to women about the signs and symptoms of heart attacks.

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Problems 2/2 | Doctor Naanga Epadi Irukanum| News7 Tamil

Doctor Naanga Epdi Irukanum, Cardiologist S Thanikachalam on symptoms and signs of heart problems



Heart Disease, St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms

Heart Disease is the number one killer of men and women. Signs and symptoms are different in men than women. At the emergency room, an EKG and blood work will be performed to see if the patient is having a heart attack. Prevention includes aspirin.

Heart Disease Prevention

Dr. Mary Beth Cishek, a cardiologist at the Seton Heart Institute talks about heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, every day in Texas, …

Diabetes and Heart Disease (S2-25)

In this episode of, “The Edelman Report,” Dr. Edelman discusses the relationship between diabetes and heart disease,

Home remedies for clogged arteries | Coronary artery disease treatment

Clogged arteries refers to a condition in which deposits of fatty plaque within an artery leading to the heart or brain restricts blood flow. Due to this, the blood carrying oxygen and nutrients cannot reach different body organs and tissues, potentially causing huge damage and preventing organs from functioning properly.
Home remedies for clogged arteries | Coronary artery disease treatment 2015
This is a serious condition that is not easily detectable. The exact cause behind clogged arteries is still unclear. However, experts believe it starts with damage or injury to the inner layer of an artery.
Home remedies for clogged arteries | Coronary artery disease treatment 2015
Factors that may contribute to or worsen this problem include excessive smoking, a high-fat diet, lack of physical exercise, being overweight, having either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It can also occur due to inflammation from diseases like arthritis, lupus or infections.
Home remedies for clogged arteries | Coronary artery disease treatment 2015
Clogged arteries in different parts of the body can lead to health problems like coronary artery disease, carotid artery disease, peripheral artery disease and even a heart attack or stroke.
Home remedies for clogged arteries | Coronary artery disease treatment 2015
For more information:

Home Remedies for Clogged Arteries

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Let’s do the 5200 Daily to avoid Cardiovascular Disease

Let’s do the 5200 Daily to avoid Cardiovascular Disease
by PHA

Cardiovascular Disease is a range of Diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels. It affects all ages including women and children.
-is primarily caused by Atherosclerosis.

Antherosclerosis: Build up of Plaque of Bad Cholesterol in your blood vessels.

Atherosclerosis Blocks Blood Flow to the Heart that will result to heart attack.

Atherosclerosis blocks which can be fatal and to the brain which can be fatal.

Heart Attack and Stroke can occur without warning.

Heart Attack / Stroke Causes 17.3 Million Deaths Worldwide making it no. 1 killer in the Philippines – is due to Risk Factors. You cannot control
1. Family History
2. Age History
3. Age
4. Sex
more importantly is due to risk factors that you can control.
5. Unhealthy diet
ex. a. inluding too fatty
b. too salty
c. too sweet
6. lack of exercise
7. Sedentary Lifestyle
8. Smoking
first-hand and second hand smoke
9. stress
10. Obesity – is a result of unhealthy diet and lack of exercise

Obesity is linked to Heart Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol.

Heart Disease starts during Childhood because of the bad habits we acquire while we are young.

Children who are overweight are more likely to be obese. Obese when they are adults.

Children who are exposed to parents who smoke 3x more likely to smoke since heart disease has its roots in childhood.

Prevention should start in the young. It begins at home and school. To reduce the risk of having heart disease the PHA (Philippine Heart Association) is promoting the 5200 daily lifestyle for everyone!


Eat right, watch less, move more, don’t smoke.

Let’s do the 52-100 Daily!

Safe Exercises For Cardiovascular Heart Disease

Believe it or not, weight training is actually safer than aerobic exercise for cardiac patients! Professional Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant, John Paul Catanzaro, of reveals some interesting evidence in this clip.

Statins CAUSE heart disease and heart failure! Peter Langsjoen MD

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‘I cannot find any evidence to support people taking statins,’ says Prof. Harumi Okuyama

“We have collected a wealth of information on cholesterol and statins from many published papers and find overwhelming evidence that these drugs accelerate hardening of the arteries and can cause, or worsen, heart failure.
“I cannot find any evidence to support people taking statins and patients who are on them should stop,” Prof. Harumi Okuyama from Nagoya City University in Nagoya, Japan, lead author of a recent review of more than 20 studies done with statins, was quoted as saying in the UK newspaper The Daily Express.

The authors of the paper said that many earlier statin studies, prior to 2004, are not reliable.

They noted that starting in 2004, new European regulations insisted on all trial findings, both negative and positive, being declared.


Johnston L. Statins CAN cause heart disease – Shock research warns drug risks hardened arteries. The Daily Express, 2016 Jan 10;

Reference to the review paper the article is talking about

Okuyama H, Langsjoen PH, Hamazaki T, Ogushi Y, Hama R, Kobayashi T, and Uchino H. Statins stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure: pharmacological mechanisms. Expert Rev Clin Pharmacol, 2015 Feb 6; 1-11.

Author’s Contact Info

Harumi Okuyama
Nagoya City University and
Institute for Consumer Science and Human Life
Kinjo Gakuin University
2-1723 Omori, Moriyama
Nagoya 463-8521, Japan
Tel.: +81 528 763 840
Fax: +81 528 763 840
[email protected]

Peter H. Langsjoen MD
East Texas Medical Center
1107 Doctors Drive
Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 595-3778 phone
(903) 595-4962 fax
[email protected]


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Advicor Lovastatin with Niacin
Altocor Lovastatin
Altoprev Lovastatin
Atorlip Atorvastatin
Baycol Cerivastatin (withdrawn 2001)
Caduet Atorvastatin
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Canef Fluvastatin
Crestor Rosuvastatin
Inegy Simvastatin
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Cardiopulmonary Disorders – Part 3 of 4: Heart Failure, Pneumonia & COPD