VIDEO: Why I Chose a Career in Integrative Medicine |
Integrative cardiologist Stephen Sinatra explains why he chose to combine alternative therapies into his traditional cardiology practice.

“Alternative Medicine” – Medical School MMI Interview Practice Question #3 (2015)

Full MMI Practice Question playlist in order:

Examining the MMI practice scenario “Alternative Medicinel”. This will allow the applicant to balance out compassion and integrity.


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Complementary/Alternative Medicine: Traditional Chinese

Nearly half the US populations turns to complementary, alternative and integrative practices to maintain or improve their health. Beverly Burns of UCSF’s Osher Center for Integrative Medicine explores traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture, meridians and chi. Series: “UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public” [12/2007] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 13073]

Explosive: The real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing!

Please help to protect me as I am those who helped me with this explosive information share everywhere so it is less likely they will come for me like they have for these now deceased doctors. Read this article first please:


Cancer – The Forbidden Cures

The Science Of Cannabis and Cancer in Rhyme – Maker
Please Purchase the Film and share with everyone –

REVIEW BY DAVID BONELLO – INTERNATIONAL WELLNESS DIRECTORY /// Not what it seems. When I popped in the DVD, I went to the chapters to see what they were. I felt, no, not again…the same old stuff. What a pleasant surprise. I’ve researched and written about these “forbidden” cures for years. What a delight to actually see an interview with Rene Caisse. We even see a party thrown for Rene a year before she died filled with people whom she had helped with their cancers. Harry Hoxsey shows up, and you get to see scenes from a rare movie that Hoxsey himself made in 1957 called You Don’t Have to Die. It is so rare, you can’t even find a mention of it at the Internet Movie Database. I loved the research they did on this film. It must have taken years to compile all the archived photos, audio, and films. They even got Morris Fishbein on film. This is the creep who ran medicine for nearly 50 years. He destroyed many people, many companies, and the damage he did to the health care system of the time killed untold numbers of suffering humans. However, the Hoxsey affair was his downfall. He was forced to resign after libeling Hoxsey and eventually had to admit that Hoxsey was curing cancer. The section on Max Gerson was interesting, especially the deja vue section: they borrowed scenes from Dying to have Known. The scenes they used were the most powerful, the contraposed scenes of so-called medical experts proclaiming that no one has ever been cured of cancer at the Gerson clinic, juxtaposed with patients telling their story. Finally, you’ll see some of the latest advances in alternative therapies, including a physician who is curing cancer with baking soda even after he’s lost his license to practice medicine. For you history buffs, this is a must have. For you people looking for options outside of conventional medicine, this could save your life. It is very well done and well worth a watch. – David Bonello, International Wellness Directory

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Acupuncture Demonstration & Info, Alternative Medicine

Exclusive Content!!

Acupuncture Demonstration & Information, Alternative Medicine

Janus Lee has a masters degree in traditional Chinese medicine and is a certified acupuncturist. She discusses acupuncture and demonstrates with acupuncture needles on Amy. She talks about acupuncture points, how acupuncture works, what types of things acupuncture can address or treat the body, and how conventional medicine treatments are different from acupuncture.

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Alternative Medicine Shamanic Witch Doctor Cure Disease

While visiting Leh city, the capital of Ladakh (India), I was looking to learn about the local medical treatment so I was turned to a Shamanic Witch Doctor, who performs Shaman rituals and Noninvasive surgery operations in order to suck-out and cure disease of the patient body (you can actually watch this ritual during the video).
Shamanism may be confused with magics, but Shamanism rely on natural forces.