New Certified nutrition and fitness educator course at DOW University

The new CNFE course is being launched in Mid Septemben at DOW, which is the first course of of a kind to teach medical doctors to treat with lifestyle in addition to traditional medicine and introduce prevention, – opening a new entrepreneur possibility

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Natural Treat To Cure Diabetes Without Medicine

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To Day Our Topic Is How To Cure Diabetes By Using Pumpkin and Beetroot

How do you reverse diabetes naturally?
What is the name of the fruit that cures diabetes?
How can you beat diabetes?
How do I cure diabetes?

►Natural Treat To Cure Diabetes Without Medicine #DiabetesCareCulb

For This We Need : Vegetable Juice
( Full Information Of Ingredients )
►Pumpkin :
►Keera Or Cucumber :
►Carrot :
►Bottle Gourd :
►Tomatoes :
► Beetroot :
► CurryLeaves :
► Lemon :

Peel All The Vegetables , Cut it and Blind Well , take This Juice Into The Glass And Add Some Lemon Juice , Take This Juice Dialy To Cure Diabetes

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4. Heal through the healing power of nature
5. Teach patients how to achieve optimal health

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