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What I Eat In A Day| Vacation Edition | Model, Holistic Nutritionist

Shot at The One&Only Ocean Club resort in Bahamas:
Breakfast and dinner was at the Dune restaurant
Lunch at OCEAN.

Hi loves,
Wanted to document what I eat on vacation to give you an idea of a realistic approach to try and keep on track of healthy eating. I love food and I don’t like to torture myself by depriving my body. So here’s how we do it 🙂
This is not a perfect diet and I didn’t want it to be- Its important for me to show you the little tricks that I use such as:
Probiotics, digestive enzymes, lots of water, avoiding heavy crab foods, using lemon to season instead of mayo based sauces, sharing to control portions, starting the day with water and lemon, trying to start the day with green juice and just being mindful and enjoy yourself!
Hope it helped a little.

Digestive enzymes I use:

Sending you all LOVE.


Holistic Underground Heartspace Healing Clinic

Artists, activists, therapists, teachers, healers, community organizers, mentors… these are among the people who are leading the way towards the future. The people who take care of people, so that we can walk around the world with less trauma that we act out unto everyone else…

But who will heal the healers? And as leaders, how can we develop self-care practices to ensure we don’t burn out?

These questions are the guiding intention behind this event.

For years, Holistic Underground’s Heartspace Healing event brings together holistic health practices, social-justice and personal development workshops, yoga, dance, music, play and a whole lot of fun for a completely unique experience.

Gently ground into your body through the various styles of Yoga, from Kundalini to vinyasa, yin to restorative.

Afterwards, we bring in expert facilitators who lead workshops exploring identity, privilege, power, radical consent, vulnerability and self-care for the revolution!

As you integrate your new learnings and experiences with friends, recieve a professional massage, while sound healing, chanting, and healing dance happens all around you. Connect with new and old friends in a space that has been intentionally created to be safe, sacred, inclusive, and diverse in terms of age, ethnicity, class and background. Spend time in one of San Francisco’s oldest healing sanctuaries.

Finally, we close out with a ceremony to set our intentions into the rest of our month, from West African Drum and Dance, to Jewelry making, ever time is a surprise.

Hope to see you at the next one!

Recoveree & Professor Andrew Assini on His New Holistic Health Center

In this full, original COARR show, host Nancy Tilelli talks with Rowan University Professor Andrew Assini, MA, LAC, LCADC. Drew is the founder & owner of SAMMA VAYAMA, a brand new center for awakened living in Glassboro, NJ. SVWB’s mission is to provide healing, empowering, and enlightening experiences for individuals looking to improve their overall well-being and quality of life. Find out more at

City of Angels NJ, Inc. is a non-profit organization in Hamilton, NJ that helps people with addictions get into recovery and stay clean. COA will work with anyone, regardless of their insurance, treatment history or other details. For details, visit

Digesting Fats: Live and GallBladder Function Milwaukee Acupuncture and Holistic Health Associates Curry talks about digesting fats and what to do if you have had your gallbladder removed.

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Women’s Health & Wellness Speaker Donna Hamilton, MD: What is Holistic Health and Holistic Wellness?

Thanks for pausing for wellness to check out our uplifting, health boosting videos featuring dynamic holistic wellness speaker Dr. Donna Hamilton, MD.

Highlighting her signature comprehensive approach, Dr. Donna’s videos share practical information that addresses mental, emotional, social, spiritual & physical well-being. Her valuable tips assist you with assessing the entire wellness landscape and appropriately planning your personal wellness journey. Subscribe to our channel to get the latest self-care, stress management, and general health and wellness tips.

Homeopathy: Materia Medica Vol. 2 | Ebook

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(constitutional Pictures of Lachesis, Lycopodium and Sulphur)imagine that a certain Science has managed to identify and describe, in details, all the existing human personalities, all the existing human types: mode of thinking, special emotions and mode of behavior; how, each personality, tends to behave in affairs, sexuality, family, politics, religion, profession, etc.; in addition, what kind of physical and psychological diseases, each personality, tends to develop. Wouldnt that be wonderful! Moreover, imagine that this identification has been done in an objective and scientific way. That is, not only through clinical observation, but, on top of that, through the scientific methodology of the Double Blind Trial. To add, imagine that this Science has succeeded in finding a way to minimize the extreme features of each personality, therefore, contributing to the prevention, as well as, to the cure of the above mentioned physical and psychological diseases, in the most harmless and natural way. Well, this isnt some kind of imagination! This is a reality! Its the reality of the everyday clinical practice of the Homeopathic Medicine and, especially, of the Classical Miasmatic Constitutional Homeopathy, developed by the author. In the volumes of this book, the writer describes in a scientific, yet fascinating and simple way, the Constitutional Pictures that affect all of us. Would you like to know, in the deepest way, yourself, your companion, children, parents and friends? Then, you, definitely, must read this book!

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Anxiety and Depression: EPA

EPA, a derivative of fish oil, can help elevate mood and help with depression. Dr. Rosensweet explains why.
Find this and other supplements to help with the symptoms of anxiety and depression through i wonder, doctor…

From daily multivitamins for overall health to melatonin at night for insomnia,
I wonder, doctor provides comprehensive supplements for the most common and persistent illnesses.