LifeWave Acu-Point Location Training for SP6 Complete for Weight Loss

Dr. Karen Kan teaches you how to find the three acupuncture points used with the LifeWave SP6 Complete system for weight reduction. The Basic protocol uses just the SP6 Complete patch and the Advanced uses both the SP6 Complete patch and the Glutathione Patch.

Holistic healing for all creatures

Amazing session of holistic healing for all creatures. Thanks be to God of creation/the universe/the field of pure potentiality (however you call the higher power) for the gift of healing and the ability to share it with all sentient beings!

My good friend Jeff and I decided to have my Chiweenie/Chugweenie, Pico, as our guinea pooch. He was a very willing subject! Pico is normally in watch/guard dog mode whenever he sees male strangers, but he was instantly attracted to Jeff’s energy. He approached him and warmed up to him immediately. Pico was drawn to Jeff’s crystal bracelets and LifeWave patches.

Pico knew right away that Jeff was going to give him a treatment. He instinctively turned around and showed him the scruff of his neck his where the Aeon patch was to be placed. Animals intuitively seek out energy when they need it. They do have innate intelligence! Healing and balancing often happen more quickly in animals than humans because of their lack of preconceived notions and prejudice. They stay in the present moment without worrying about the past or the future. Their natural detachment to outcome speeds up healing. I’d have to say that you must not doubt and have the faith of furry children (or any nonhuman critters!) to heal or manifest what it is that you want!

Pico calmed down right after the placement of the Aeon patch. He was the most chill pooch I’ve ever seen. Before patching, he was pretty stressed and agitated (or perhaps overstimulated). He was panting and also barking at cars and people passing by. He soon stopped panting despite not wanting to drink water. The Aeon cooled him off instantly. His barking also stopped. He became sleepy and got into the Zen zone. Not only he was blissed out, but he also didn’t let the passing vehicles bother him. He’d usually bark at big trucks, but when he saw the UPS truck, he opened his mouth, ready to bark, but he ended up not making a sound. He changed his mind about barking. It stopped bothering him. He simply went back to relaxing on the patio table. He stayed that way for a pretty long time! The patch has helped him change the way he reacts to stressful stimuli or situations. This has also been long observed in human use.

I thought I’d extend the side benefits of the patches to all creatures after experiencing significant improvement in my condition within just a few weeks. I’m well on my way to reverse my adrenal fatigue that started to rear its ugly head in late 2012, only to become worse as the years went by. I hit an all-time low earlier this year. So I’m very thankful for natural solutions that saves lives!

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on this topic.

P. S. I’ll also have a blog coverage on the recently launched documentary project spotlighting the pet care industry:

I’ll feature this healing modality for all creatures in the documentary segment.

Nancee Marin
An Artful Dogger
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