Acupuncture Demonstration & Info, Alternative Medicine

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Acupuncture Demonstration & Information, Alternative Medicine

Janus Lee has a masters degree in traditional Chinese medicine and is a certified acupuncturist. She discusses acupuncture and demonstrates with acupuncture needles on Amy. She talks about acupuncture points, how acupuncture works, what types of things acupuncture can address or treat the body, and how conventional medicine treatments are different from acupuncture.

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Alternative Medicine Shamanic Witch Doctor Cure Disease

While visiting Leh city, the capital of Ladakh (India), I was looking to learn about the local medical treatment so I was turned to a Shamanic Witch Doctor, who performs Shaman rituals and Noninvasive surgery operations in order to suck-out and cure disease of the patient body (you can actually watch this ritual during the video).
Shamanism may be confused with magics, but Shamanism rely on natural forces.