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Our physiotherapists use comprehensive assessment strategies to find the source of your pain. We provide both diagnosis and treatment along with education.

Dry Needling/Acupuncture by Physio’s-by Jason Bradley (BodyWorx Physio Newcastle)

Jason Bradley from BodyWorx Physio Newcastle explains:
-safe technique for acupuncture/dry needling by physiotherapists
-the mechanisms of how it works from a scientific evidence based perspective.
-the types of conditions, pain and injuries we can treat with it including: back and neck pain, sciatica, muscle tears, ligament sprains, headaches, chronic pain, heel spurs, plantarfasciitis, rotator cuff injury muscle spasm.

ellephysio – Benefits of Medical Acupuncture

At ellephysio, we leverage medical acupuncture to decrease physical symptoms in your body and enhance your overall physical health.

Occupational therapy activity

Tying of shoes, benefits To improve fine motor, visual perception, bimanual coordination , visual motor skills conduct by Physiotherapist – Mark.