Acupuncture is Dangerous!

Acupuncture is Dangerous! Here’s what to do FIRST! I do believe that Acupuncture can very beneficial to people and acupuncture, or needling, can be one part of pain relief and human health! But, so many of my friends, family, students, and fellow humans want a quick and easy fix when it comes to health! Acupuncture done alone can be dangerous because it gives people a false sense of healing and health. If acupuncture alone is performed then temporary health may be achieved but the pain or illness will show it’s ugly head again.

I believe in 5 steps to attaining health holistically. The 5 steps must be completed in order from 1 to 5 with acupuncture being given only AFTER the first 4 steps have been tried! Here they are:
1. Diet
2. Exercise
3. Herbs
4. Massage
5. Acupuncture

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