Creating Ground Cover with Oregano & Herbs: Save Money! – The Rusted Garden 2013

Just an idea to use herbs like oregano as ground cover. You can save a lot of money by growing your own herbs and they have multiple uses in your yard. You can grow you own transplant for .10 cents a plant verses $3 at your local store. The plants only cost me $5.00 for this video instead of $90.

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Herb Harvesting Basics

Click here: A brief overview of the herb harvesting basics.

Covers the two types of harvesting activities, how to clip your herbs, clips flower buds, the two types of herb plants and use them for your culinary efforts.

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Martha Stewart’s Herb Garden: Herb Basics-Martha Stewart. View Martha Stewart’s Herb Basics collection Get do-it-yourself closet, kitchen, cabinet … Harvest as needed, but always leave a minimum of two sets of leaves to …

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Growing Herbs in Container Gardens. Particularly since herbs thrive if you keep pinching them back and harvesting them, you can usually keep them from strangling each other. One caveat to this is … …

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The process of harvesting the herbs you’ve cultivated is one of the most satisfying … Labels: Harvesting Herbs, Herb Harvesting Basics, How Much of Your Herb …

(cutting herbs)
(preserving herbs)
(culinary herbs)
(harvesting techniques)
(clipping techniques)
(remove yellow leaves)
(remove flower buds)
(harvesting chives)

Essential Herbs and Spices for your First Kitchen

Everything you want to know about herbs and spices, but are afraid to ask! Dawn and Rita discuss which herbs are essential in your first kitchen. They also give tips on growing them and health benefits of these herbs.

How to Dehydrate Herbs

This is a real money saver! Please click the show more box for more information and a link to Dehydrating Vegetables. If you find them in the store on sale, …

Sage Acupuncture for Fertility

Sage Acupuncture specializes in fertility acupuncture. Helping couples carry and deliver healthy babies.

Is There A Holistic Treatment For Addiction? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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Explore some spiritual solutions to addiction. Deepak Chopra explains how addiction relates to our memories – whether of pleasure or of pain. The memory is cellular. It exists as a possibility wave in the possibility field that is our consciousness, which means that it can’t be erased.* People have a stronger memory of the pleasure than the pain because pleasure is more powerful than pain. We can move away from addiction by finding spiritual fulfillment that is stronger than the painful memory triggering the addiction. For a more detailed outline of holistic treatment, check out our recent article:

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Herbal Medicine ~ Sage

The Herb Lovers series is brought to you by Tales from The Golden Cabinet, a weekly show on Natural Medicine, and Holistic Lifestyles. We broadcast from …

Get Your Health Back Series: Ep 39 Home Remedies with Jasmine Makings

Jasmine Makings is back to share even more health benefits and solutions simply by using our staple kitchen ingredients. Whether you need to alkalise, boost …

How to Grow Herbs from Seed: Sage, Oregano, Parsley, and Lavender

SunSugar Nursery shows you how to start your herb plants from seed. In this first installment you will learn how to start Sage, Oregano, Parsley, and Lavender from seed. Step by step video and photos of mature plants with growing instructions and culinary uses explained. by Bernadette Fox

All film and editing is done by Bernadette Fox. Photos of mature herbs have been licensed through Creative Commons. Music has been licensed through Creative Commons.…

Music – “Aimless” by Josh Woodward. Free download:

Photos (starting with first shown to last):
Sage from my herb garden by Alice Henneman
Sage from my herb garden
Buckeye on Sage by Swallowtail Garden Seeds
Buckeye on Sage
SageInFlower-8982 by graibeard
Sage by Amanda Wray
Sage by Isaac Wedin
Greek Oregano by Blaine Horrocks
Greek Oregano
starr-070906-8860-Origanum_vulgare_subsp_hirtum-habit-Kula_Ace_Hardware_and_Nursery-Maui by Forest and Kim Starr
Oregano flowers in our backyard by Ali Eminov
Oregano flowers in our backyard
20150624-FFAS-LSC-0154 by U.S. Department of Agriculture
starr-120522-6649-Plectranthus_amboinicus-habit-Iao_Tropical_Gardens_of_Maui-Maui by Forest and Kim Starr
Parsley in Morning Light by Don LaVange
Parsley in Morning Light
parsley flower by cecill3d
Flat Leaf Parsley from my herb garden by Alice Henneman
Flat Leaf Parsley from my herb garden
116/365 Parsley by Richard Gillin
116/365 Parsley
Roots of a lavender by elminium
Roots of a lavender
Butterflies on lavender by NH53
Butterflies on lavender
starr-100615-6991-Lavandula_x_intermedia-leaves-Alii_Kula_Lavender_Farm_Waipoli_Rd-Maui by Forest and Kim Starr
Lavandula augustifolia 2015 K4 by F. D. Richards
Lavandula augustifolia 2015 K4
Lavender and butterfly by Tony Newell

I purchase my seeds from the following mail-order places:

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