Welcome to Acupuncture Wellness Center – Acupuncture Clinic in Baton Rouge, LA

At Acupuncture Wellness Center of Baton Rouge, we provide gentle, safe and effective medical care using acupuncture and other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). At our acupuncture clinic, we pride ourselves with listening to patient’s concerns and do our best to answer any questions before beginning treatment. Call today (225) 925-1188 or go to http://acupuncturebr.com.

Owner, and primary practitioner of our acupuncture clinic, Stewart Sommers, will be glad to answer any of your questions. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

If you are looking for an acupuncture practice in Baton Rouge, look no further than Acupuncture Wellness Center. We are located in the Mid-City area at the corner of Jefferson Hwy. and Goodwood Blvd.

Our address is:
Acupuncture Wellness Center
711 Jefferson Hwy. #8
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Please read some testimonials: http://acupuncturebr.com/testimonials.cfm

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Two common questions I often hear
are does acupuncture work does acupuncture hurt
we practice a gentle style here at Acupuncture Wellness Center
Patients often feel very little if
anything upon insertion of needles
And yes of course acupuncture works
not for everyone for everything
but it’s a viable option for many
and most people who come to our clinic
for treatment respond quite favorably
My name is Stewart Sommers and I’m the owner and primary practitioner
Acupuncture Wellness Center. First time patients to Acupuncture Wellness Center can
expect to find a comfortable and professional atmosphere
I sit down one on one with new patients
ask them
general information about the medical
history and specifically
ask questions and get to know the
situation regarding the condition
or conditions for which they are seeking treatment and most importantly or answer any questions
they may have
before we proceed. I’ve had a few people
ask me why would I need acupuncture.
I don’t have any pain
I can’t think of any other reason I may need to come in. I let them know that may be
the case
but keep in mind that the way
acupuncture and Chinese medicine works
is it helps in large part regulate body
It cues the immune system which can help
with general immune function and in
moderating and
reducing stress levels so much of our
body function
just works better.
Our website is acupuncture BR dot com and on it you’ll find general information
about acupuncture and Chinese medicine
specific information about our
clinic including testimonials from patients who have benefited from treatment
here at Acupuncture Wellness Center.

Acupuncture treatment at SHA Wellness Clinic

This is one of the main tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine, currently recognised by the WHO. The bio-energy movements (chi) through the body are altered via the gentle insertion of small needles which balance, tone and sedate the functions of specific organs.

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How to Cure Diabetes – Top 4 diabetic alternative treatment

Learn How You Can Start to Reverse Your Diabetes TODAY!

Defeating Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Top 4 diabetic alternative treatment
Here is top 4 diabetic alternative treatment list:

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient form of treatment that is gradually gaining acceptance in the western world. TCM experts claim that the treatments must commence at an early stage in the development of diabetes to maximise its efficiency, however.
The key affects of TCM for diabetics is its ability to get the blood flowing around the body.
This improved level of circulation can be crucial to freeze or at least slow down the debilitating onset of diabetic neuropathy.

2. Ayurvedic Medicine
Ayurvedic medicine is a form of Indian holistic treatment that developed amongst Brahmins some 4000 years ago.
Ayurvedic medicine is conceptualised and practised as eight distinctive specialities, some of which have an application for the treatment of diabetes.
Ayurveda diagnoses diabetes as being a metabolic disorder that fits into the Kapha category, due to poor functioning of the agni.
Common Ayurvedic treatment concentrates on a multidisciplinary approach to diabetes.

3. Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is the practice of utilising essential oils (extracted from plants and concentrated) to improve the condition of the mind or body.
Used alongside other treatments, aromatherapy can offer benefits to people with diabetes.
Aromatherapy, the practice of using essential oils for medical or emotional benefits, has been around for centuries.
Essential oils are usually available in specialist and health shops, and it is claimed that different oils impact on the mind and body in different ways.
Oils may stimulate, relax, sedate, sanitise, anti-inflame, decongest and much more.
They are delivered to the body nasally through a vaporiser, a tissue or sometimes via a bath or massage.

4. Massage Therapy
Massage therapy could be incorporated into relaxation therapy, but it also serves another purpose that can be particularly useful for people with diabetes.
By skilfully kneading the body’s tissue, massage can stimulate better blood movement around the body.
Improved circulation can do wonders for diabetic neuropathy and other diabetes-related complications.

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To The Point Seminar – An In Depth Analysis of our Top 50 Acupuncture Points


Join Us In This Powerful AACMA Approved 2-Day Workshop And Learn The True Beauty And Depth Of Acupuncture Points For Transformational Results…And EARN 13CPD Points

We are Sohial and Hamish, long-term practitioners and lecturers with over 35+ years of combined experience in health and wellness with a specialised area of expertise in Acupuncture. Based on popular demand, we have created a workshop to discuss the features, actions, indications, combinations and in depth psycho-spiritual associations of our top 50 acupuncture points. The points we have chosen to discuss are a collection of the most popular points used by the many practitioners we have surveyed in our countless workshops we’ve conducted all around Australia.

This interactive workshop is a comprehensive study of the true beauty of acupuncture points and we guarantee you will enjoy it and learn a great deal to make some major shifts in your treatment outcomes. But that’s not all, we cover a great deal more content so check out the link above for full details of the powerful knowledge we will be sharing with you over two days. We look forward to seeing you there!

Visit the link below for full details of our workshop

Acupressure Therapy : Acupressure Points for Sinus Pressure

Sinus pressure can be treated with acupressure by stimulating a point under the nose in an upward direction. Discover the acupressure points for sinus pressure with tips from a doctor of Oriental medicine in this free video on traditional Chinese medicine.

Expert: Mark Brinson
Contact: www.naturalseminars.com
Bio: Mark Brinson owns Brinson Therapeutics. He specializes in pain, injury and human performance and is also an international seminar provider.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Pacific Herbs – Natural Remedies based on Traditional Chinese Herbs

Pacific Herbs provides herbal products to enhance vitality and wellness. Based on Traditional Chinese herbal medicine herbal combinations, all products are 100% natural which have hundreds of years of use. We use the highest quality concentrated herbal extracts available and we DO NOT add fillers to our products.

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acupuncture point – diffusion of tc99m (text and video).wmv

Study of the diffusion of Tc99m injected into an acupuncture point on the body and in a point out of acupuncture meridian
(C. M. Giovanardi; E. Lonardo; A. Abbati)
Hospital Bologna – Acupuncture Doctors Association of Bologna – Italy – 1988

Bloodletting Therapy: Where to Bleed — Online Acupuncture CEU

Preview of “Master Tung’s Bloodletting Therapy” – 8 CEUs/PDAs/CPDs. Click http://bit.ly/hmbleed to purchase this course. For more classes by Dr. Henry McCann, visit http://www.elotus.org/bio/henry-mccann

Obtain your acupuncture CEUs easily with live webinars and distance learning on-demand courses. eLotus brings continuing education into the future with convenient online classes on acupuncture, herbal medicine, and more. Visit http://www.elotus.org for more free classes.

Acupuncture for Depression : Acupuncture for Anxiety: Bladder 44

Many depressed people have anxiety problems that can be treated with acupuncture. Learn how to trigger the bladder 44 acupuncture point for anxiety …