Westside Acupuncture – Weight Loss, Stress – Ricardo Miranda, L.Ac.

This video is about Westside Acupuncture – Weight Loss, Stress – Ricardo Miranda, L.Ac.

Introducing Avatar Nutrition – Huge Flexible Dieting Project


My flexible dieting website I’ve spent the last 18 months working on with my friends Mark Springer and Katie Coles is NOW LIVE

For $10 per month:
– Calculates custom macro targets for you and your goals using our patent pending AI
-Adjusts your macros as your progress to be more accurate and adapt to you as your body adapts to ensure progress and limit stagnation
-Integrates with My Macros + sending your custom macros to the app so that tracking is a breeze
-Provides check ins where you enter data so the AI can adjust things based on how you are responding.
-Videos and articles on nutrition to help you get better at flexible dieting
-Recipes for yummy macro friendly dishes
-Much more
And we aren’t satisfied with that. We will be working to add new features and update it constantly to ensure the best experience for our users. Just imagine, almost all the benefits of an online coach but for only $10/month. The fitness industry will never be the same.

Dr Radu Onoe si Sigina Pop, nutritionist – lipoaspiratie vs slabire (Look TV)

Dr Radu Onoe, medic primar chirurgie estetica si Sigina Pop, nutritionist dietetician, despre slabire si lipoaspiratie.

Summary of Nutrition for Female Fat loss course

Luke Edgell runs through a summary of his workshop.

Acupuncture & Herbal treatment – Addiction, cravings & weight loss treatments – by Dr. Amy Shiotani

An acupuncture treatment testimonial for addiction, craving control and weight loss treatment by globally known acupuncturist & herbalist Dr. Amy Shiotani.
She treats both Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and the cutting edge No-Needle Acupuncture treatments and other modalities. She is also known for her Non surgical & No-needle advanced facial rejuvenation acupuncture, Face lifts, Microcurrent color light treatments, and Japanese Non-Invasive Acupuncture.
For more detail, please visit http://www,DrAmyShiotani.com

Eat Fat, Lose Weight With Top Nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman and Gayle King

In this classic interview with Gayle King, top nutritionist and diet pioneer, Ann Louise Gittleman discusses her focus on fats. Ann Louise was the first diet expert to …

Acupressure Tapping Acupressure for Weight Loss

Dr. Joey – Nutritionist, Author & Healthy Living Specialist

Dr. Joey’s passion for natural healthcare and nutrition has been the focus of her career for over a decade. As a three time best selling author and well known media personality her philosophy of “improve the quality of your food to improve the quality of your life” has enhanced the health of thousands across North America. Dr. Joey’s goal is to continue to help people use food to feel their very best from the inside out. Dedicated to helping people achieve their ideal and healthy body weight – she is also founder of the highly successful Shulman Weight Loss clinics which has helped thousands lose their weight for life! Visit Dr Joey’s Weight Loss Clinic today! http://shulmanweightloss.com/contact.aspx

Live to 110 Podcast #37: Grace Fat Loss Method with Grace Suh

Learn more on http://www.liveto110.com/grace-fat-loss-method-grace-suh/

Grace Suh, a licenensed acupuncturist, talks to me about her incredibly interesting and unique eastern medicine approach to weight loss — Grace Fat Loss Method: Ancient Secrets to Burn Fat and Boost Energy.

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Dr. Penni Waldman educates you on three Herbs that can be used for Weight Loss

Dr Penni Waldman educates you on three herbs that can be used for weight loss, http://www.drpenniwaldman.com. Welcome to my Youtube channel my name is Dr. Penni Waldman. I created this video to educate you on three herbs that can enhance your weight loss.

DISCLAIMER: This is for educational purposes only.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or visit one of my websites to learn more about the services I offer.

Dr. Penni Waldman
[email protected]